Sunday, June 30, 2013


Who am I, what I am?
The great question in life
from sunrise, to sundown
since i was born, till now...

Who am I, what I am?
Dad is proud one
Mom loves me as I am
confused, what I really am?

Who am I, what I am?
Ridiculed, harmed by some,
sexually assaulted at times
vividly by uncle and couz

Who am I, what I am?
Loved, pampered, reciprocated
for by ex, partners as lesbian
deserted, angered, recurred

Who am I, what I am?
Fag, hag, harlot, grand
call me as you might like
I am what I am whether like it or not!

Who am I, what I am?
intersex, asexual, hermaproditian!
boy, girl, lady, man, she, he, it,
This is what I am, embrace if you can
your Eve, your Adam, I'm between...

Be aware of my kind, respect my rants
just like you, thriving in this land
trying to be free, be as one of humans
inside me, I am either a man or a woman...


"Should I, no! ok let's do it..."

That was me, inside my head.. at least sanity thrives in me to be balanced in whatever i do, think, and decide in my life. For many years, there's hesitation and uncertainty that clouds my head if I do need to be "shined fully by the sun" by shouting who I really was... ON THE INSIDE....or be in the "dark shadows of the night" by not telling anything.

Just to tell you my dear reader, I am doing this for myself and if I feel like spilling my guts, it is me who will held responsible by it.

This blog is for me to write and for you to read.

If you feel like commenting and or there's an urge that you need to talk to me... just use comment section and/or be creative.. I can be seen anywhere on the internet and you can easily contact me..

Constructive criticism is more acceptable than bashing...